Mission Latvia

Summer Harvest, July 3–10, 2023

We are here in Budapest celebrating the open arms of Christ. We are experiencing the fullness of Christ as we gather in His name. We have victory and a vision for the Baltics. Recently we have heard about a revival in America and in other cities and countries. This hope and expectation continue to grow in our hearts as we pray for our upcoming summer. We desire and plan to redeem these days with an adventure of faith in Riga the capital, in the other cities and towns of Latvia. To be together, to proclaim His great name, and to share the hope that is in us. We invite you to join the growing vision to build God’s church in Latvia. There is an open door that has been given to us. Let us walk through it, see and meet the people, and experience the opportunities that await us!

The plans have been settled! Latvia is having its 5-year national song and dance festival in Riga the capital. This national celebration will be taking place during our summer harvest in Latvia. So please make your arrangements to come, travel, and book accommodations as soon as possible. Accommodations are filling up quickly as these summer dates approach us. There will also be meetings held at the Latvian Biblical Centre (Krāslavas iela 27, Rīga, LV 1003), trips to other surrounding cities in Latvia for evangelism and visitation. Please contact us for more information regarding this summer harvest trip at helsinki@raamattupuhuu.fi.

If we Hear, Ask, Consider, and Understand, we can minister!

Pastor Roger Robbins 4th