”What is Free Grace?” – Helsinki 2022

Welcome to the 2022 Free Grace Conference in Helsinki, Finland!

Grace is commonly viewed within the Christendom as the very foundation of God’s relationship with humans.
However, during the history many views have risen whether something needs to be added to this grace or it is really just a free gift.
Within the Free Grace movement the latter view is adopted – grace is free with no strings attached, not sacramentally nor in the process of sanctification or otherwise.

”What is Free Grace?” conference invites believers to consider the merits of the Free Grace position and to inspire irenic and thoughtful discussion of its tenets. The goal of the conference is indeed to present free grace as well argued both historically and theologically deserving a place amongst other major soteriological positions. Some of the topics introduced in the conference include:

  • What does ”free grace” mean?
  • What are its historical roots?
  • Is ”free grace” biblical?
  • What are the differences between antinomianism and the free grace position?
  • What are the views of the free grace position concerning faith, grace, election, baptism, sanctification and some other key issues in soteriology?
  • Is grace enough to motivate a believer’s sanctification?
  • What is Christian freedom?

Guest speaker

Grant Hawley is Executive Director of the Free Grace Alliance and pastor of Bold Grace Fellowship in The Colony, TX.

He is the author of
– The Guts of Grace
– Dispensationalism and Free Grace: Intimately Linked
– Easy Peasy Biblical Greek
– Let the Text Speak: An Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics
– He is the editor of 21 Tough Questions about Grace and Free Grace Theology: 5 Ways It Magnifies the Gospel

He is also is a member of the Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics.
He lives with his wife, Tamara, and his son, Rock, in Allen, TX

Schedule (Session topics will be posted by the August 1, 2022)

10-12         Session 1 – including 40 minutes Q & A
12-13         Lunch (10 €)
13-15         Session 2 – including 40 minutes Q & A
15-15:30    Coffee break (5 €)
16-19         Session 3 – including 1,5 hours Q & A


Raamattu Puhuu Church
Pukinmäenaukio 4 B 3rd floor
00720 Helsinki


Please, write a message here to let us know of your participation and
to inform about your dietary options for the lunch.

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