Welcome to Riga in July 2022!

Latvia and its capital Riga in the center of the Baltics have been at the heart of many of us for several years.
Since 2018, we have been there every summer–sometimes even in winter–to evangelize and meet new friends.
RIBI 2019 gathered a large number of summer Bible school students from Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia, and even during the difficult corona summer of 2020 we got to Riga, as Latvia and Norway were the only two countries allowed to travel freely from Finland at that time.
On two short mission trips last summer, we were able to spend memorable moments with our friends.

Next summer we will head to Riga at the beginning of July, from July 1 to 10. Also participating are Roger Robbins from Izmir, Turkey, and Natā Oliveira, a young Brazilian Bible school student from Baltimore who has refreshed and encouraged us during his visits both last summer and during the January Winter Days. We plan to have a RIBI22 summer Bible school and evangelism in Riga and elsewhere in Latvia. We dream that we could once again bring together friends from many different countries, “that we may be encouraged together by our mutual faith.” (Rom. 1:12)

When I asked Roger his thoughts on the summer in Riga, he said he hoped the summer mission would make us more Christ-like and that we could grow smaller ourselves. Nathan went on to say that God is in focus first, then the people we meet, and only in third place are we ourselves. On this basis, it is good to move forward. We believe that the day will come when we will have a permanent mission team and congregation in Latvia!

Riga missions course scholarship for 13-26 years old young people:

Young people who participate in Riga missions course will receive free travel.
The travel costs are reimbursed against receipts, name and the bank account number.
Write to uskonlupaus@armossa.fi.

You can support Mission Riga financially:

Donate with MobilePay
Church Mobilepay number is 40963 , add a message: Riika lähetys.

Donate with bank transfer
Account: FI98 5541 2820 0111 47, OKOYFIHH, Raamattu Puhuu ry, reference number: 1009.


Friday July 1 Arrival in Riga
Saturday July 2 Evangelism in Riga and surroundings
Sunday July 3 Visits in local churches
Monday – Friday July 4–8 at Latvian Biblical Centre (Krāslavas iela 27, Rīga, LV1003)
9:00 Prayer and worship
10:00–12:00 RIBI 2022: Paul’s Journeys – Roger Robbins
In the afternoons evangelism, personal visits and sightseeing
Saturday July 9 Evangelism in Jūrmala beach town (if the weather permits)
Sunday July 10 Visits in local churches

In addition to this program there will be meals and discussion times in different locations to be announced later. 

Syllabus for Riga summer Bible school of 2022 Class time 2 hours, for 5 days: 1 credit class
Instructor: Roger Robbins

Paul’s Early days (Class #1) – Acts 9-12

  • Brief overview of Paul’s life by the numbers -Paul’s conversion / Our conversion
  • Paul’s preparation, study / Our preparation, study -Paul’s calling / Our calling

Paul’s First Journey (Class #2) – Acts 13:1-14:28

  • Team / group forming, unity in vision, like-minded individuals
  • Development of Holy Spirit leading
  • Confrontational evangelism, faith sharing, Preaching of the Cross
  • Where souls are being saved there is resistance, rejection (shake off the dust)
  • Return to home base, give a report

Paul’s Second Journey (Class #3) – Acts 15:36-18:22

  • Return back to encourage, visit, and teach
  • Disagreements aren’t always bad, down the road we see it differently
  • Meeting valuable disciples and people prepared by the Lord
  • Finding ways to reach people in their culture and surroundings
  • Taking time to work, save, and rest

Paul’s Third Journey (Class #4) – Acts 18:23 – 21:16

  • Discerning and asking the right questions, (there is confusion) our responsibility is to make it clear.
  • Deciding to take time to teach, plant, and live with the people -“The Way” the life of a Christian, missions’ greatest testimony -Saying, ‘good bye’s’ and ‘the great exhortation’

Paul’s Journey to Rome (Class #5) – Acts 21:17 – 28:31

  • Being misunderstood and falsely accused
  • Sharing your personally testimony of Salvation
  • Don’t back down when the moment comes
  • Defending the gospel isn’t winning arguments
  • Storms and Shipwrecks of life
  • Don’t stop doing what the Lord has called you to do, expounding, testifying, convincing, proclaiming

Please, write to us for more information and to let us know of your interest for joining Riga Mission and RIBI22:

Pastor Risto Kyrö
RIian mainoskuva