COVID-19 Guidelines Summer 2020

Guidelines for attending the church functions during the Covid-19 epidemic – Update 1.8.2020

The church cannot guarantee that you will not be infected with Covid-19 if you choose to attend a church functions in person.
However, we will do our best to minimize the risks for spreading the virus.
It is vital for everyone to follow the instructions and restrictions given by the government healthcare authority (THL) and the church. Let’s respect each other’s health and safety.

General Guidelines

  • You may attend church functions in person only if you are SYMPTOM FREE.
    Symptoms of the virus may include 
    fevercoughshortness of breathmuscle painfatiguerunny nosenauseadiarrhea. 
  • The information we have about the virus and it’s risks is still insufficient.
    We are not yet capable of making reliable evaluations of the risks, or insure sufficient safety of the environment.
  • It is required to wear a mask in the church building, recommended outdoors.
    Wearing a mask will protect those around you.
  • Please practice social distancing of 1-2 meters while participating in church events.
    No physical contact between people not of the same household, including no shaking hands, hugs, kisses, etc.
  • Please wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer and cough into a handkerchief your sleeve. 

Attendee recordkeeping

  • A record will be kept of all attendees and their phone numbers at all church functions. 
  • If you have attended a church function and later are tested positive with covid-19, we ask you to inform the church about it, so we can inform the others who attended the same function of being exposed to the virus.
    We will not publish the name of the possible transmitter.
    However we recommend the infected person privately informing anyone they have been in close contact with.

When inside

  • At arrival first register, wash your hands, and have your mask placed correctly on your face.
    If you did not bring a mask, the church will offer you one. 
  • Please practice social distancing of 1-2 meters.
    It is recommended you sit with your own household during service.
  • Keep your jacket with you and place it on the back of your seat.
    The cloakroom will not be in use to avoid close contact and congestion by the main entrance.

When outside

  • Please practice social distancing of 1-2 meters. 
  • It is recommended to wear a mask. 
  • Please wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer and cough into a handkerchief your sleeve. 
  • Do not share food or snacks with people outside your own household.
    If we meet at someone’s backyard the host may serve small refreshments.
    One person will be designated to serve food and drinks.

Thank you so much for your participation, and for keeping yourself and others safe in this time!

You can find more info about the virus on the THL website: