Summer Days Conference 2022 Vaasa, Finland

Welcome to the Summer Days Conference 2022!



It is a building. We are God’s building”
1 Corinthians 3:9b “You are God’s field and God’s building.”

Main Speaker:

Thomas Schaller from Baltimore, USA

Conference Location:

Address: Raastuvankatu 44, 65100 Vaasa


Registration to the hotel with the conference price is over.

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Pääpuhuja/ Keynote Speaker:

Thomas Schaller, Baltimore USA


Friday July 15, 2022
13.00 Lunch (voluntary payment)
15.00 Meeting
19.00 Meeting

Saturday July 16, 2022
11.00 Meeting
14-18.00 Hiking in Vaasa archipelago
14-22.00 Youth program
15.00 Missions workshop
19.00 Meeting

Sunday July 17, 2022
11.00 Meeting
15.00 Church service.

For more information you can also write to Pastor Tero Fredriksson at